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H&R Block 2017 Editions

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HR Block 2017 Review

I've been using H&R Block Software products for a very long time now and what I have learned over the years has helped me immensely in getting bigger refunds every year.

For 2017, as always, HR Block is fully engaged in ensuring that new tax laws are fully covered in all new editions of HRBlock tax products.

It's more important than ever in this economy to be sure your taking advantage of all the tax benefits you can, and that's where H&R Block shines.

They have been helping Americans for many decades now from every neighborhood across the country file their returns and get their biggest refund.

Uncle Sam wants your money but, what he does with it is not always what we would consider good spending practices. That's why we all need to be careful to get a tax software package that will give us the biggest refund we can qualify for.

H&R Block 2017 Prepared to Capitalize on Obamacare

Here's how the Affordable Care Act is making changes to the American health-care system — and being changed by it.

H&R Block may lay claim to the most worried company as the Affordable Care Act looks to be bad for business for many of them.

H&R Block prepares millions of tax returns, one in every seven that get filed with the Internal Revenue Service have the HR Block touch. The vast majority the HRBlock 26.5 million  consumers receive a refund. All told, their customers received $50 billion in refunds in 2012, which is expecting changes for 2017.

The Affordable Care Act charges a tax penalty to Americans who do not carry health insurance coverage. This has H&R Block worried that a good portion of those refunds will get diminished with a lot of unhappy customers pointing a finger at them.H&R Block states that eighty-five percent of their customers get a refund. These refunds could be offset by the health care penalty. If that happens, customers are going to be understandably angry.

The company has completed a consumer research study for the H&R Block 2017 Tax Season to understand how much people know about the health care law. During this tax season, H&R Block is rolling out a Health Care Review product that will provide consumers with a no-charge assessment of the subsidies and penalties they may face in 2017.

These health care law subsidies for insurance coverage and penalties don’t start in 2017. But the income that will determine how big of a subsidy an individual or family will receive is based on the income that’s being filed right now, in 2013.

The average income of H&R Block's customers falls in the low to middle income bracket areas. Most earning less than 400 percent of the poverty line – about $45,000 for an individual, will be eligible for a tax subsidy. H&R Block’s research suggests these consumers do not realize this. In a survey conducted last year, 77 percent of Americans had no idea that the income tax return they’re filing right now will determine the value of the subsidy they will receive in 2017.

According to the  survey, forty-four percent of those between 18 and 34 were unaware that they would face a penalty if they do not purchasing insurance coverage.

Most people don't understand how the Affordable Care Act effects them. So this year H&R Block is moving forward with their education effort to inform consumers

This tax season, H&R Block has been running advertisements in print and on television to build awareness of the new services they offer to support Obamacare understanding. One feature includes a tax adviser to help bring awareness.

The Affordable Care Act proves to provide big changes for all of us with it's 900 pages of rules and regulations. H&R Block 2017 tax preparers have lots to keep up on.

I never like doing my taxes but, doing them with HR Block helps me keep on top of changes and has helped me become a better and more knowledgeable filer every year I use their products.

Your current tax return helps to establish your eligibility for assistance in paying for health insurance. It’s important to file your return on time with professionals who understand the new health care laws.

Little will change for H&R Block consumers who already carry health insurance coverage. But for those who don’t, the company will offer a H&R Block Tax and Health Care Review.

Format is everything:

I have used many different brands over the years to file my return and the HR Block product line runs on a user friendly format designed to eliminate areas of tax preparation that don't pertain to your filing needs. This saves an immense amount of time and frustration compared to other brands I have tried.

Getting your taxes done easier and quicker is what this brand is all about and from this user I can tell you that they are very good at what they do!

H&R Block 2017 Editions Include:

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