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HR Block 2018 - 2019 Products.

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This years products include:

HR Block FREE Edition

HR Block Basic + E-file

HR Block Deluxe + Efile

HR Block Premium + Efile

HR Block Home + Business

HR Block Online

HR Block for Mac-Macintosh

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HR Block Software

H R Block is a leading top performing and top selling product for income tax preparation services.

With this years new At Home registered trademark making it's début, it's time to take a new look at this product line.

Comparing this product line to it's closest competitor, TurboTax, the H&R Block line is a money saving approach at a much lower cost.

These two top contenders have been in the battle for top place for years and it looks like the battle will continue on for years.

The software comparisons show similar products at their base, but, H&R Block has been adding far more add-ons, and accessories to their products at no extra charge.

Ease of use is really determined by the consumer with each individual having a different opinion on which one they find more useful or user friendly.

All in all, if your looking for the best deal, you most likely wont find TurboTax at a better price than what you can get the comparable H&R Block product for. So if price is something you want to consider, go for HR Block products and you should be happy with your decision.

On the other hand, if price isn't a consideration, and you have already been using TurboTax, you can still switch since HR Block Imports TurboTax data making it simple and quick. Otherwise, stick with TurboTax, it's still a grate product, but at a steeper price...


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