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Worry-free Audit Support®

H&R Block Software has added Worry-Free Audit Support from H&R Block, to their tax software efile programs. Now if you get audited, an H&R Block representative will guide you through your dealings with the IRS, and if needed, even represent you. Though feature becomes priceless in the event of an audit.

Who is eligible for Worry-Free Audit Support?
If you purchase any of the following products - you are eligible to use Worry-Free Audit Support (also referred to as The Program).

Worry-free Audit Support from H&R Block Digital Tax Solutions, LLC ("Block") is available only to customers that meet the requirements set forth in the section above, and does not provide for reimbursement of any penalties or interest imposed by taxing authorities. The Program is separate from, and in addition to H&R Block’s Accurate Calculations Guarantee which pays penalty and interest resulting from an error in HR Block  program calculations.

It's available for individual state income tax returns when the user purchased and used the state version of a HR Block Product, and their individual state income tax return was e-filed using a H&R Block Product accepted by the state taxing authority - as long as the user purchased and used a Block Product to e-file their individual federal income tax return in the current year and it was accepted by the IRS.

It's also available for individual state income tax returns even if the user did not pay a fee for the Software - If: H&R Block provided the the product to the user at no charge, and the Software was used in accordance with the terms of the license agreement, then e-filed with the software and accepted by the state taxing authority. Note: the user must have purchased and used the Software to e-file their individual federal income tax return and the federal return must have been accepted by the IRS.

Worry-Free Audit Support services include:

Before H&R Block will represent you, you must:

Note: H&R Block may provide an Enrolled Agent to represent you in an audit, but Enrolled Agents do not provide legal representation. H&R Block does not prepare amended returns under the Program.

I received an inquiry from a tax authority. What should I do?
Call within 60 days after the date of the inquiry from a taxing authority and provide any relevant documentation.