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H&R Block Free Tax Estimator

Use the H&R Block Free tax estimator calculator to get an estimate of what your taxes will be. Know ahead of time weather you will owe taxes or be getting a refund.

HR Block FREE Tax Estimator Calculators for 2018 - 2019

That's right it is FREE to use, try it out for yourself to see how easy it is!

H&R Block Free Calculator

One of the most stressful parts of tax preparation is not knowing where you stand with the IRS. Fortunately the income tax calculator from H&R Block is easy to use, and in just a few minutes you can get a close estimate of your tax liabilities.

For myself, not knowing is the long drawn out uncertain part of tax return filing. So I use the tax estimator every year to lower my stress level. Sure if i find I owe more it's not a great feeling but, it gets me accepting my situation and working toward it's resolve quicker.

Just answer some questions and enter the ballpark numbers where needed and the H&R Block Tax Estimator does the rest. It's just a good practice to know where you stand ahead of time. It could just keep you from spending money your going to need to pay your liabilities. Plus, if you find you going to be getting money back, it gives you time to plan for what you want to do with your refund.