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H&R Block Updates 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Software CD / Download

H&R Block Updates

Federal, State, Home and Business.

You can download your H&R Block Software Updates from the H&R Block link at the top of the page and you'll be breezing through your tax return in no time.

Federal Updates

The Federal updates include changes made to HR Block, including updates to forms that weren't finalized by the IRS at the time of shipment.

Windows Users:
Federal updates for H&R Block software are available anytime after Dec. 11, 2018 for the H&R Block new tax season.

Macintosh Users:
Federal updates for Mac software are generally available anytime after Dec. 18.

Click link H&R Block Official Site link above to see What’s included:
What Forms are included in the federal update?
What Schedules are included in the federal update?
What Worksheets are included in the federal update?

State Updates

The State updates include software changes made including

Availability of some State programs are generally available around Jan. 9, with others following.

See when your State program is scheduled for release through the links above.