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Stopping a IRS Bank Levy

A Bank Levy strikes without notice.

One day your debit card will be working fine, the next day your card will be declined while you're buying your groceries. The IRS Bank Levy can be devastating and makes normal day to day living impossible.

You may have received some threatening letters from the IRS about your tax debt. If you receive a letter entitled "Final Notice of Intent to Levy" the IRS is letting you know that they intend to Levy your Bank Account. This means that they are in essence, freezing your account and not allowing you access to it.

This is one of the most powerful tools the IRS uses to collect their debt.

When the IRS freezes your account, they give you 21 days before they seize all the money out of your account. Take advantage of this small window of time and take what steps it takes to make sure Uncle Sam doesn't keep your money.

Ways To Stop A Bank Levy:

You can let the IRS seize the funds in your bank account, leaving you penniless - or you can act fast and make the right choices. Take these tips and get on the fast track to being debt free.