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When it becomes time to use tax professional to solve you tax problem you need to consider the type of tax problem and the proper course for solving your tax issues to insure you choose the right type of tax professional from the list below.

Tax attorney's are one of three different types of tax professionals that can help you with resolving your tax problems that arise from back tax debt collections, an audit, or an appeal problem. They are also a good choice for helping with complex tax filing needs as well as estate planning, dispute resolution, and complex tax return preparation.

When using this type of tax professional you should find one with a special tax law degree or proof that they have certification as a tax law specialist with your state bar association.

Strengths for using a tax attorney professional over a CPA or enrolled agent include.

A tax attorney should be used for all criminal tax cases, tax fraud cases and tax bankruptcy. To understand your options fully, it is best to talk to multiple types of tax professionals to get several different options prior to making your decision.

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