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TurboTax Home + Business
2018 - 2019

Turbo Tax Software Products

Turbo Tax Home & Business

TurboTax Home and Business includes everything in TurboTax Premier plus everything you need to easily do your personal and business tax filing.

TurboTax Home and Business was designed to help consumers take full advantage of their personal and business deductions in one package with the Business software, and everything from the Home Premier Edition.

Choose TurboTax Home & Business Edition if any of the following descriptions apply to you:

  • You are a sole proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, or single-owner LLC
  • You receive income from a side job or self-employment
  • You prepare W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for employees or contractors
  • You file your personal and business taxes together

Turbo Tax Home + Business Features Include

  • Provides Guidance for Self-Employment Income and Deductions profile (sole-proprietor, consultant, 1099 contractor, and single-owner LLC).
  • Helps Find Small-Business Tax Deductions
  • Identifies Industry-Specific Deductions
  • Gets You the Biggest Vehicle Deduction
  • Makes Entering Income Easier
  • Creates W-2 and 1099 Forms
  • Simplifies Asset Depreciation depreciation.
  • Streamlines Expense Entry
  • Offers Extra Guidance for New Businesses
  • Shows the startup deductions new businesses can take.
  • Helps You Get the Most from Your Investments
  • Imports Your Investment Information.
  • Helps You Accurately Report Investment Sales.
  • Determines Your Cost Basis.
  • Helps with Employee Stock Plans.
  • Speeds Up Multiple Investment Entry.
  • 401(k) Maximizer — Shows you how to increase your 401(k) contribution without decreasing your take-home pay.
  • Helps You Find Every Rental Deduction
  • Shows Your Best Rental Depreciation Method
  • Simplifies Reporting Multiple Properties

Turbo Tax Home & Business

Automatically Fills in W-2 and 1099 Information by Getting your W-2 and 1099 data directly from over 100,000 participating employers and financial institutions.

Transfers Last Year’s Tax Information from your previous year’s return to save time and increase accuracy. You can also import from other tax software including TaxACT and H&R Block Online .

Imports Your Financial Information from your financial software (including Quicken®, QuickBooks® 2007 and higher, and Microsoft® Money).

Live Tax Answers from TurboTax experts and other TurboTax Online users in our Live Community.
Turbo Tax Home Business FREE Technical Support

Got a software question? Get answers from a TurboTax expert by e-mail, phone, or live chat.

Turbo Tax Home & Business Guaranteed Accurate Calculations

if you get an IRS or state penalty or interest assessment due to a TurboTax Calculation error, they will pay you the penalty and interest.

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One federal efile is now included with TurboTax at no extra charge.


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