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It’s the Easy Way to Do Your Taxes

Turbo Tax Online simplifies taxes, so you can complete your return with speed, ease, and confidence.

No need for downloading of software if you choose the online version, never worry about software properly installing on your computer. Don't worry about losing your CD or damage from scratches.

Everything you need is included in the TurboTax Online Versions of Their Software

Now-days it's just easier and cleaner to go online to prepare and file your taxes. Turbo Tax makes this process a breeze with their online guided tax preparation and support. The great part is that you don't need to worry about your computer crashing and loosing all your work. It's all stored safely online in a secure vault so anytime you need it, it's there.

TurboTax Online Handles the Changes in Your Life and Collects Your Tax Information for You. It can get W-2 information directly from over 100,000 companies and investment information from several well-known financial institutions, then plugs this information into the right forms on your tax return.

Turbo Tax Online Accurately Calculates Your Taxes -Guaranteed!

  • Checks Your Return for Errors
  • Helps You Steer Clear of Trouble
  • Includes FREE Audit Support Center

TurboTax Online consistently receives the highest marks from reviewers

making it the #1-rated¹ tax software, year after year. In fact, USA Today said TurboTax was the “clear winner” over another tax software brand. And PC Magazine has ranked it #1 among the three leading tax software programs with their Editors’ Choice award.Here’s what reviewers are saying about TurboTax 2018:TurboTax - “Top Online Tax Service Choice” from PC World

TurboTax takes the trophy again this year. Of the online tax services reviewed, it did the best job of looking out for the bottom line and minimizing the work without glossing over the subjects. … The extra features are everywhere.
— PC World

TurboTax Home & Business for Mac -  Macworld - TurboTax Makes It Easier
Both [TurboTax and HR Block deliver a non-intimidating, interview-style user interface chock-full of tax expertise, TurboTax makes it easier to complete your tax return with an innovative user interface features. TurboTax also has the better ability to find deductions that can save you money.
— Macworld